When Paula, Robbie and I moved to Deephaven in 1976, I was thirty … do the math. We absolutely loved the unique charm and character of the town and we had a lake at one end of the street and a park at the other end. We were golden!


When Robbie began school, he would catch the bus on the next street over with Andrew and Brian and they would ride ‘forever’ before another stop was necessary. Now, I think that same bus makes seven stops and it is full as it winds down Minnetonka Blvd to Deephaven Elementary.


As Robbie got older, I coached his baseball team at Thorpe … Paula was the team mom … and I coached his soccer team in the ‘pit’ across from Old Deephaven High (Community Ed Building) … Paula was that team mom, also.


Our name came up so fast on the dock waiting list, that we had no boat, so we spent all season trying to decide what to buy. We never had to make a final decision though, because at the end of the season, the City sent us a letter saying that since we had not used the space … they were taking it back. Problem solved!


As time passed, Paula became an early member of the Deephaven Historical Society and I ran for the City Council. We wanted to do our part to revere Deephaven’s rich history and help maintain the qualities the City offered us when we moved in. We wanted to help Keep Deephaven, Deephaven. As we got older, and began thinking about where we would live after we retired, the answer came quickly …” Let’s just re-paint the house because this IS home”.


During the last sixteen years I have spent on the Council, there have been a few changes in town; some were ‘need to have’ and some have been ‘nice to have’. Some people get caught up thinking we need to prepare for the future. I maintain we are well-equipped to handle anything that comes our way. We built a Fire Station at City Hall, added Haralson Park and two platform courts, finished paying for the Carson’s Bay Bridge and built the new bridge at Deephaven School. We worked with St Therese and helped them build Deephaven Woods, our largest tax payer and a great place to visit mom and dad, or grandma and grandpa. People wanted a restaurant, so we crafted a liquor ordinance after a city-wide referendum … still waiting for a restaurant. We rebuilt all the docks in St. Louis and Carson’s Bay. Other people wanted us to improve our parks, so we worked with the Park Committee and their consultants to derive a Master Plan for park improvements. One of those improvements is being finished as we speak … a new hockey rink and multi-use facility at Thorpe Park.


I have had the privilege of working with over a dozen different Council members during these years of change, but throughout all of these ‘years of change’, we have managed to Keep Deephaven, Deephaven. I know this was supposed to be About Me, but the truth is I would rather talk about Deephaven. However, to comply with the page title … I am under 5’8”, retired, widowed, 72 and absolutely love golf!