Thorpe Park Warming House and Skating Rink

We are excited to open the Multi-Use building and skating rink project at Thorpe Park. The project also included a paved skating rink with boards and lighting. The warming house has space for year-round community gatherings and bathrooms.

Several years ago the Park Committee lead a long-term park strategy. The park plan included community surveys and meetings to engage the public. Permanent bathrooms at Thorpe Park was among the most popular proposals. The funding came from three sources: 1) a county grant, 2) the park improvement fund, 3) and fees charged with conduit financing.

Council Member Tony Jewitt obtained a $500k grant from Hennepin County Sports Authority for the project. This funding can only be used for the park project (not on roads). The park improvement fund is to be spent ONLY on park projects and is funded through park dedication fees made from subdividing property. In the last 5 years, we have had a few land splits. The biggest was Deephaven woods. We are excited to add this amenity to help our residents enjoy Thorpe Park year-round.